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Laliberté Beauté
15550 1e Av, Saint-Georges, QC G5Y 2A3

Top Coat UV/LED Shellac 7.3 ml


Glass Finish (poudre chrome)

Gelux Royal Blue

Gelux Turquoise

Gelux Red Car

Gelux Valentine

Gelux Sweet Chic

Gelux Sparkle

Gelux Blood

Gelux Gold Stars

Gelux Red Stars

Gelux Sparks Night

Gelux Silver foil

Gelux Gold Foil

Gelux Call me

Gelux Skin

Gelux Dance with me

Gelux NOVO

Gelux Blueberry

So So Sofia

Los Angeles Luscious

Tel-Aviv About It

Verona Lace

Tahitian Villa

See it all in Montreal

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Texas Rose

Turkish Delight

Parisian Pastille

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

Totally Tokyo

Singapore Sling

Playing in playa del carmen

Call in the calgary

Argentinian aubergine

Heart & Seoul

Red Lights In Amsterdam

Costa Rican Sunset

Shaking My Morocco

Chillin In Chile

Sicilian Summer

Maine Lobster

Manhattan Mayhem

Red Eye To Shanghai

A Kiss In Paris

Moscow Red Square

Never can say Mumbaï

It's no Istanbul

Russian Opulence

Holy Toledo

Rio carnival

Boston Cream Pie

Brooklyn never sleeps

Jamaïca me crazy

Bali Bliss

Eye candy in Miami

Grecian Sea

Make a wish in Rome

Fountains of Versailles

Meet me in Mykonos!

St-Barts in a bottle

Hong Kong Harbor

On the Nile blue

Nantucket Navy

London Underground

2 AM In Hollywood

Vegas Vixen

Soaked in Seattle

Nights in Napoli

Romania After Dark

Dubaï me an Island

Glasgow nights

Oh my prague

Belize In Me

Beijing night glow

Speeding on the German Autobahn

Gala (Blue Royal Glitter)

Longing for London

Veneer Mix and Match

Fuse 13 mL

Base 13 mL

Top13 mL

Traitement 3 en 1


Huile à séchage rapide

Couche de Base

Fixatif Brillant

Soin ressourçant (Hydratant restaurateur)